Hajji Alejandro: Silver Anniversary

Once every generation or so, a great artist emerges from the vast pool of music talents and sweeps away the hearts of many. It takes the right kind of voice…the right kind of song…and sometimes even the right kind of face…at the right time…for a star to be born. But not all stars shine forever.

Trends change. Tastes differ. And only the great ones survive and are remembered. Those bestowed with the “gift” are rare. Philippine pop icon HAJJI ALEJANDRO is fortunately one of them.

Endowed with that “staying power” and irresistible charm, HAJJI ALEJANDRO and his unforgettable hit songs has definitely, excuse the antique cliché, endured the test of time. The legendary 70s group called the Circus Band…his string of number one hits…the first Metropop Music Festival grand prize…concerts all over the world…make his career the great success it is today. His passion and dedication to exploit his craft lead him to achieve this sensational feat in the history of Original Pilipino Music.

Now let’s fast-forward to the pre-millenium year, and reminisce more than two decades of HAJJI’S exemplary musical experiences. As a personal gift to everyone who has faithfully supported his career, he gives us a 25-years-in-the-making album entitled HAJJI 25, SILVER ANNIVERSARY under BMG Records Pilipinas.

The HAJJI 25, SILVER ANNIVERSARY album contains most of the songs that Hajji is known for. Other songs that were inspirational to his success are added to serve as music memoirs. Though the arrangement of the songs are given a 90s flavor, his distinctive style that launched him to stardom remains. Hajji brings us on a trip down memory lane and blissfully recalls the history of his rich music career.

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