Fatal Posporos: It’s Gal-ternative!

They come in 3s.

Charlie’s Angels. Bananarama. Wilson Philips. TLC. SWV. Expose. The Powerpuff Girls. The Charmed witches. Fatal Posporos.

Fatal who??? Is the Philippine alternative scene expecting another rockin’ male macho band? Not this time, boys. Unstrap those guitars, drop the bass, lose those drumsticks and get off those mics as the deadly damsels of pop rock music grace the stage! Excuse moi, monsieurs but the mademoiselles are taking over!

BMG Records Pilipinas, known for spearheading the alternative “band”wagon by bringing you pop phenomena, the Eraserheads and Rivermaya, now welcomes its latest project: the Fatal Posporos. Catchy spunky name for an all-female group, isn’t it? Watch out because they’re out to give music a feminine touch.

The Fatal Ps is composed of les femmes Kris Gorra, Donna Macalino and Annette Ortiz who play lead guitar, bass and drums respectively. Now did daddy’s little girl grow up just to be a rockstar? Not exactly. All three went to high school at Miriam College and later on graduated from the College of Mass Communication in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Flashback to five years ago when alternative music was radically attracting a great following, these girls were already singing and swaying their hips in school activities, clubs, bars and any place where they could get what every aspiring band craves for: recognition.

The Posporos always wanted an album of their own but like most humble beginnings, the plans never materialized. Opportunity knocked on their door a couple of times but the timing just wasn’t right. The music was raw and the best songs were yet to be written. A hundred gigs and front acts later, their patience finally paid off.

The Fatal Posporos’ claim to fame began when the band acquired the services of Earnest Mangulabnan, the Eraserheads’ former manager. Earnest sent NU107 a rough cut of their studio recording, a product of hard work and months of saving money. It wasn’t long before NU, known for discovering unsigned talents who are potential hitmakers, nurtured a base of listeners for the Posporos. The first unofficial release Love Bus slowly climbed the station’s charts. A couple of months later, Pudgy, which enjoyed extensive airplay due to listeners’ requests, won them the “In The Raw” award, a special recognition given to artists who have no contract with any recording outfit.

Little did the fatale threesome know, BMG Records was listening and making plans of bringing their music to a wider audience. With a much-awaited recording contract at hand, the tinder threesome is undoubtedly ready to take centerstage. Now expect gal-ternative music to spread like wildfire as the Fatal Posporos sets the world of pop music ablaze!

Their debut album is creatively titled Paper View, which playfully implies a form of cable service. Think of it as a collaborative effort of all three freaky minds and a thousand and one experiences put on paper. The band’s influences range from the merry mix of the Ramones, Primitive, Japanese bandShonen Knife and Juliana Hatfield. The album is produced by no less than theEraserheads’ bass player Buddy Zabala and drummer Raymund Marasigan.

On a rock and roll scale, the Fatal P’s music can be best described as lite to moderate– not too loud and not too soft either. Think of them as the girls-next-door singing their life away. This album package will certainly tickle your fancy as it contains 12 tracks of laid-back and definitely remarkable pop music. To summarize what the album is all about in 3 words: life, relationships and, what else, boys. With that type of repertoire, a multitude of adolescents will surely relate.

The power of three. The sound of one. That’s fatal.

Paper View is available in CDs and cassettes in record stores nationwide.

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