De La Salle University Canlubang: Creative Convergence

Amidst the pressures of a fast-paced and strenuous lifestyle we have been accustomed to, the quest for the good life prompts us to search for a place of solitude, yet with the promise of growth and stability for ourselves and more importantly, the children of tomorrow.

But one does not need to look far to find such haven. This restless ambition is swiftly becoming a reality, its pastures have never been greener, and ever so within our reach. It is an overwhelming experience, more than 20 years in the making, that is meant to be shared…

This is the De La Salle University of Canlubang, Leandro V. Locsin Campus , a 51-hectare academic institution at the core of the Laguna Techno Park District in Sta. Rosa. Alongside the hills of what was once the Canlubang Estate, the campus is only a short leisurely cruise from the outskirts of neighboring cities such as Cabuyao, Alabang, and Paranaque. A breathtaking shift from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, this vast expanse of land is one of the last few natural sanctuaries untouched by the harsh effects of urban industrialization.

This undiscovered country is where the symbiosis of environment, science, technology and education, is more than just observed— it is a way of life. DLSU-Canlubang’s mission-vision to “reinvent education and humanize technology” is the merger of these ideals, a guiding principle that paves the way of the future. It is within this path where a new generation of young learners eagerly treads, enjoying a healthy atmosphere conducive to modern instruction.

The Estate

The pages of a science encyclopedia coming to life can very well be the perfect description of the 10-year master plan of the La Sallian directors. With an abundance of land and natural surroundings, DLSU-Canlubang takes advantage of these provisions by laying the groundwork for future structures such as nature laboratories, insectariums, a butterfly park, botanic gardens, vegetable farms and other environment facilities— making it a strategic setting for formal ecological exploration.

A prevailing foresight is to have a division for technology incubation— a resource center where raw materials, innovations and other scientific breakthroughs from educational researches will someday be available for the production of various Filipino products.

But this flourishing estate is not merely for educational conquests. The goal is to create a harmony between education, environment and more importantly, the growing community.

Students, faculty and other school workers may enjoy leisurely activities along the school’s parks, bicycle lanes, athletic centers, multi-purpose theater, and its fresh flowing river which is easily a 10-minute hike away. Housing facilities, dormitories and other amenities within the school grounds and neighboring communities are readily available to those who wish to reside in the vicinity.

Academy of the Future

Aspiring to be one of the nation’s premiere centers for research, science and technology, DLSU-Canlubang’s enormous avant-garde facility exemplifies more than just a modernized teaching environment. It is the integration of science in all levels of the academic programs, (even in subjects in the arts, humanities, and social sciences) that is the stronghold of the university’s foundation for teaching and learning.

This unique design rearranges the existing structure of standard education by customizing the learning process with new knowledge and media, innovative methods and a practical hands-on approach. Because of the campus’ thriving ecosystem of plants and animals, the study of life as it evolves in its natural habitat is a phenomena never been experienced so closely by students.

The curriculum is also fashioned to fuse technology and entrepreneurship with college courses in computer science, information, engineering, business, and other specializations being formed in the areas of science, technology, its relationship with the environment, and the management of such.

To even more enhance learning, the neighboring industries present numerous opportunities for the college students to become more productive members of the society, and push the nation to be technologically advanced and economically progressive. Through consultation with the Laguna Technopark Inc., training programs are being designed according to existing jobs in the workplace for more relevant and practical training.

DLSU-Canlubang’s perspective of education shall hopefully spawn a generation of scientists, engineers, and technopreneurs who will address present-day issues with a bright outlook and be a driving force of change in the 21st century.

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