A Wok To Remember

Hamburgers in Taipei. Pasta in Melbourne. Burritos in France. Shawarma in California. If there is any singular commonality that unites the world as a global village, it would be our growing passion for food! This cross-cultural trend has been continually prompting the rise of commercially successful international cuisines throughout Asia and the world.

In the local setting, Filipinos’ appetite for exotic flavors, particularly that of the Eastern variety, has been considerably inclined to Chinese dishes. One of the newest restaurants in the Greenhills Shopping Center capitalizes on this long-standing phenomenon by offering their customers a truly delectable dining experience with their unique food specialties— Won Ton.

But from the multitude of Chinese noodle or tea houses that have been around for many years, what makes Won Ton any different?

The Twist
First, a little trivia for appetizers. The word wanton is actually a misconstrued and misspelled (but widely accepted) Pinoy variation of the term wonton. Wanton, according to dynamic duo of Merriam & Webster, actually means undisciplined or unruly. Wonton is really what noodles are all about. Its literal definition pertains to “filled pockets of noodle dough served boiled in soup or simply fried”. Adapting to its true culinary origins, Won Ton ascertains this word and heralds it as its namesake.

Two simple facts give Won Ton a head start in the restaurant business: the taste and the price. Every meal whether it is a rice topping, noodle soup, congee, dimsum, or a short order— Won Ton has special recipes that will surely satisfy those hunger pangs. For even less than P100, one can already enjoy a hearty meal complemented by a bottomless glass of iced tea.

Savoring the Orient
Won Ton prides itself in serving authentic Hong-Kong Style Chinese food with a slight oriental twist. They only use hi-quality ingredients and unique recipes that will suit your innermost cravings for a good, worthwhile meal. Here are some of Won Ton’s house specialties that have become instant top-sellers in their six months of existence…

An easy favorite is the fried Shrimp Puff, a house specialty dimsum that is rarely found on your average menu. It is served in 3 large pieces of shrimp wrapped in a specially made batter of flour and eggs, deep-fried in cooking oil until it is a light golden brown crisp. When glazed with a dab of a sweet mixture of mayonnaise, each bite elicits a light and juicy crunch followed by a filling scrumptious taste.

Another house specialty is the Beef Yakiniku Rice Topping, a delightful Japanese style meal composed of thin slices of beef that are stir-fried and served with fresh vegetables. Won Ton believes that good rice enhances the dining experience so each rice topping is served with Jasmin rice, a premium kind of rice grain imported from Thailand. Should you order any of the rice toppings for take out, Won Ton provides a re-usable microwaveable plastic container…but nevertheless, it still tastes great even unheated.

All dimsums, as with every item in Won Ton’s carte du jour, is cooked on a per order basis so all the food you eat is served fresh from a hot platter. Their popular Shark’s Fin Dumpling is no exception to this standard of excellence. Stuffed with a generous filling of pork and vegetables and other ingredients, this treat is certainly not your average pushcart dimsum. A definite must-try.

If there is a meal that immediately gets the attention of customers, it would be the Fried Chicken Wings relished in Sweet Vinegar. Straight from the kitchen, it gives off a mouth-watering aroma that prepares the diner for an unforgettable tasty meal.

Often found only in fine-dining restaurants, Won Ton offers its customers an exceptional dish called Japche, a type of Korean sotanghon (although the noodles are bigger). This sweet-salty kind of meal is garnished with carrots, vegetables, covered in Kikoman soy sauce and mixed in imported noodles.

A trip to Won Ton is not complete without trying out the house specialty of its house specialties, the famous Shrimp Won Ton noodle soup. This wonton is served with pure shrimp dimsums that will definitely have the approval of shrimp lovers. It is served with a rich tasting soup which is served hot, not to thick but light and just right. Even so, the noodles alone are enough to give you a full stomach.

Won Ton Delivers
Won Ton’s base of customers are as diverse as its menu— Greenhills shoppers, yuppies, teenagers, families, celebrity diners, politicians, youngsters and of course the Chinese community. To accommodate Greenhills’ early morning joggers and other fitness buffs, Won Ton also serves breakfast from 7-9 am. They re-open at 11 am and close at 10 in the evening.

Who would think that a place that sports a simple, non-intimidating ambiance with modest lighting and yellow-gold interiors serves food this good and gives you more value than what you paid for? Won Ton’s dining approach is to project an image of a restaurant that is truly affordable yet delivering good food and service. Won Ton also shows importance to its patrons by giving them personalized and efficient service so don’t be surprised if you find the owners taking and serving your order!

For food that is right on the pocket and of course right for the stomach, this fuss-free dining affair can only be experienced in Won Ton.

Won Ton is located at the Crossroad Arcade Building in Greenhills. Whether, parties, company events, and other activities, Won Ton can meet your catering needs! For home deliveries and catering inquiries, call 722-2396.

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