Easy Ebook Creation with Sigil

After trying out several eBook creators, I finally settled on Sigil. If you don’t care much about setting Table of Contents (TOCs) and being nitpicky about layout, then you’re better off using Pages. It has an instant save to ePub feature which has an acceptable ePub conversion.

However, the only way to achieve a professional looking eBook is by means of tweaking and Sigil offers a simple yet effective solution. Here are my Raves and Rants:

• Easily creates TOCs, covers,
• Better compatibility with eReaders like ADE
• Looks great even when converted to other formats
• Has Mac and PC versions

• Requires basic to moderate html knowledge
• Has white space between paragraphs
• Ignores paragraph styles when text is pasted from a non-html app
• Paragraph indents require inserting html commands
• While editing sometimes, the text disappears (requires restart)

For more features, visit the app’s official website. Do try Sigil to tweak your eBook into looking decent and professional. Hand in hand with Calibre, you’ll be publishing bestsellers in no time. There’s always that learning curve but both apps have extensive help guides.

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