Top 5 Michael Crichton Works

I discovered Michael Crichton through his movies and television shows, not his books. Producer, director, writer, author—this man’s body of work is impressive as it crosses over various media platforms. Here are my Top 5 Crichton favorite works:

1. Airframe (Book)

Airframe is the first Crichton novel that I read and got hooked  after that. He obviously spent a lot of time inside the hangar in some airport for this. Details, details, details. Don’t read this one in flight. Too real. Too scary to be true. Bravo.

2. The Great Train Robbery

A brilliantly told caper. The Great Train Robbery showcases Crichton’s versatility as a writer. He flexes his mastery of words—how he speaks as an Englishman is just astounding. I haven’t seen the movie version though. Is it any good?

3. Jurassic Park

Who doesn’t like this movie? Dinosaurs, DNA, death, a park. One thrill ride best experienced in the theater. Directed by no less than Steven Spielberg.

4. E.R.

He does TV too?!? was my first reaction when I saw the show’s opening credits. I watched the show for around 3 seasons. Gotta love those exaggerated emergency room scenarios.

5. A Case of Need

I bought this in a book sale only to discover that it was written by a certain Jeffery Hudson, one of Crichton’s first pen names. I was pleasantly surprised at his knowledge of the medical field (so that’s how he made E.R. I thought). Reading this book made my knees wobble. How he describes abortions is not for the weak minded. Excellently made.

Books: Timeline, Congo
Movies: Rising Sun, Disclosure, Twister (this would have been my Top 6) 

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