Francis M: The Quest for Freedom Continues

Give Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, The Beastie Boys a dose of their own music coupled with that “Filipino touch” and you come up with the biggest phenomenon the local rap industry faces in the millenium. Don’t know any of these names? You’re probably part of Generation P— that’s the Past, dear reader. We’re talking about our own homegrown talent, the Man from Manila, Mr. Master Rapper himself— the undying Francis M and his sequel album, Freeman 2.

Freeman 2 features 23 songs (yes 23!) of highly-energized, pure unadulterated rap-rock music with a dab of techno beats and sampled sounds. His creative genius together with guest co-rap “bruthas” Mastaplann, Andrew E., the best sound engineers and arrangers concocts one of the most unique albums to date.

The title track, “Love For Life”, is the theme of his latest project under BMG Records Pilipinas. Here’s a sneak peek on what’s presently hitting the airwaves:

Who’s to live & who’s to die?
Who decides who’s crucified?
Why must war be part of life?
So much anger & so much strife.
So much pain, there’s so much hate,
so many leftovers on the plate.
There’s so many voices runnin’ in my head &
you know what they said? They said…

Unify & do not divide
Fortify (go forth) & multiply
Sow the seeds of love & life
Love4life! Love4life!

Of course, there’s nothing like hearing it straight from Mr. M’s mouth. Freeman 2 expresses liberty, the right to be heard, the freedom to be creatively different and invent a new sound for a new generation. “The” Francis M. and his new album Freeman 2 promises to be as refreshing as his looks are on national television. His ol’ “kababayans” will definitely not be disappointed.

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